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Happy New Year 2017!!! (AMV Included)

  Otaku Village India wishes you all a very happy new year 2017! For those who are new to our blog, we are  a store packed with licensed anime merchandise and much more! But we aren’t just a store! We are true otaku at heart. Anime reviews, AMVs, cosplay and a lot more content we… Continue reading Happy New Year 2017!!! (AMV Included)

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One Piece Fan Theories (Upcoming Arcs)

**SPOILER ALERT** Do not read this post unless you’ve caught up to Chapter 848 (Big Mom Arc) Imagination Piece! One Piece and our fan-boy imagination… This week, I have no idea what to talk about and it’s okay, sometimes it happens. So… now… IT…IS.. One Piece Time! đŸ˜€ I am sure most of you, if… Continue reading One Piece Fan Theories (Upcoming Arcs)

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DAYS – First Impressions [Anime]

I rarely watch sports anime but when I do, I make sure they are good and this one’s worth talking about. If you have heard of Captain Tsubasa and Slam Dunk, chances are you might just like modern sports anime like Kuroko No Basuke, Diamond No Ace and Days. Although Days is not hyper exaggerated… Continue reading DAYS – First Impressions [Anime]

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Know Your Creator 101 – #2 – Akira Toriyama

This week, we talk about Akira Toriyama, a world famous mangaka, character designer, game artist and creator in the Japanese anime industry. Toriyama launched his career off with his famous Dr. Slump manga which hit bookshelves all across Japan and further built up his presence as one of the major leading artists of the industry when… Continue reading Know Your Creator 101 – #2 – Akira Toriyama

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Know Your Creator 101 – #1 – Hayao Miyazaki

All of us watch anime but how many of us take the time to look at behind the scenes? Whilst mangaka are well known, animators are like the unsung heroes of the Japanese animation industry. It’s true. Which is exactly why it’s time we did something about it. Let’s go behind the scenes. If you’ve… Continue reading Know Your Creator 101 – #1 – Hayao Miyazaki