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Boku No Hero Academia Review


What do you do when your dreams are shattered and you find that you have no potential? You give up. However, there’s a fine line on giving up on giving up.

The hero equivalent of Hajime No Ippo, Boku no Hero Academia is the story of a young boy named Midoriya Izuku, who was “quirkless,” judged to not be of any potential of becoming a hero.

It all started with the world announcing the arrival of a baby glowing in white light. Since that day, superpowers and the rise of new heroes started becoming the norm and defined the upcoming generations. Now, the world has tons of heroes and an industry shaped up since their coming. In summary, heroism was the new profession of the generation.

In a world where having superpowers were considered acceptable and the norm, Izuku found himself being the odd one out. Despite all these circumstances, Modoriya still journeyed on and encountered the one he admired called “All-Might,” the symbol of peace and justice. Since that day, his life never remained the same and he began his journey on becoming the world’s greatest hero.


What It’s All About


If you’ve ever wanted another parody series of One Punch Man, you’ll be disappointed. However the series is action packed and it starts with a protagonist who is not only weak, however, he has no potential no matter how hard he works. Imagine facing these overwhelming odds stacked against you, plus ultra!

Boku No Hero Academia (also known as, ‘My Hero Academia’) relates to the souls within us. If there’s something you sucked at and had no potential in, think again. Watch this anime and maybe your thoughts will change. Although a magic person may not appear to change your life, Boku no Hero Academia does a splendid job of showing viewers that just the act of not giving up is what will keep you going.

Whether you have no potential, no skills, even if you have nothing – just the yearning thought of pursuing something and craving for the thing you don’t have, that thought alone filtered to its essence will bear a mildly visible fruit for the future. From there on, it’s just going beyond and plus ultra!

What stands out about Boku no Hero Academia is the level of realism for a shounen anime show. Normally, in a hero show, you’d find things to be ultra-unrealistic. Not in Boku no Hero Academia, however. The only downside could be that it’s a little fast-paced for season 1 spanning over 13 episodes. Season 2 is about to change that though.


Characters And Story

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Boku no Hero Academia features a diverse range of characters for a shounen hero show. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. From having the quirkless “Deku” or “Midoriya Izuku” to having heroes who have quirks, however, not very combat-orientated, Boku No Hero Academia does a great job of not sidelining the protagonist and revealing beyond the lines rather than having just a single hero.

You’ll find a vast cast of characters, some of whom have quirks, however, are deemed to being the equivalent of quirkless even with them, and the protagonist encounters such characters who are a reflection of him. The hot-blooded and hard-headed characters like Katsuki Bakugo appeal to the fans amongst us who love the classic, super-confident elite protagonists while the cool-headed elite but powerful characters like Todoroki Shota show us what it truly means to be the elite with a checkered past.

However, how often in a show is a protagonist super-powerful only to be defeated by someone weaker than him even though he wins the battle? Taking someone down to their roots and building them from the ground-up and starting anew, Boku No Hero Academia’s characters translate these feelings into reality.

Having someone to admire, fighting against life’s oddities, embracing who you are as you are, moving forward, and living positively despite all the odds stacked against you, Boku No Hero Academia genuinely shows what it means to live. What it means to grow. What it means to act. What it means to inspire. And what it truly means to follow. Crystal clear.


Animation And Sound

A good anime makes an impact but a great anime changes your life. Boku no Hero Academia would be classified amongst the greats. With killer feature animation and stunning sound, you’d expect nothing less from Studio Bones. The music just makes it feel right and flows well with the anime. The high-school oriented perspective, stunning backgrounds, and the stylized characters add to the heroic feel of the story.

The spirit of heroism and youth go hand-in-hand. The music makes the emotions and the images speak the story. Enough said. The animation and music are epic.



We love surprises, which is why it’s no surprise we hate spoiling shows for others. Boku no Hero Academia is a fast-paced series. With only 13 episodes for season 1, season 2 is currently in production and airing as speak, week by week. Slated to be at around 25 episodes for season 2, Boku no Hero Academia is the top pick for 2017. Watch it and you’ll find your soul immersed in it. Currently, it’s in its second season and is an ongoing anime series. The anime is also available in an English dub version.


About The Creator

Written and illustrated by Kohei Hirokoshi, Boku no Hero Academia premiered in the weekly shonen jump and received an anime adaptation by the animation studio, Studio Bones.

Kohei Hirokoshi was an assistant to Yasuki Tanaka, the creator of Kagijin. Hirokoshi graduated from the Nagoya University Of Arts and is famous for his other manga serializations such as Barrage, and Omagadoki Dobutsuen.




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